Adroid Studio Application Development by Belén Cruz Zapata

Generating a signed APK

To generate the signed APK, navigate on the menu Build | Generate Signed APK. In the dialog to generate the signed APK, we are asked for a certificate. The APK is signed by this certificate and it indicates that it belongs to us.

If it is our first application, probably we do not have any certificate. Click on the Create new button to open the dialog box to create a new key store. We have to fill in the following information.

  • Key store path: Path in your system to create the key store. The key store is a file with a .jks extension. For example, name it as release_keystore.jks.
  • Password: Key store password. You have to confirm it.
  • Alias: Alias for your certificate and pair of public and private key. For example, name it as …

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